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Relax with our Golden Milk tea

One delicious Superfood Tea a day with lemon balm is all you need to sleep wonderfully!

Support your energy levels* and feel fit* thanks to ginger in this vegan "night tea". In just 10 seconds a day, this tea is ready and you are ready to relax* thanks to the lemon balm.

A good night's sleep is important. Without it, your body doesn't get a chance to recover from the previous day. Imagine the feeling of crawling under the covers at night and falling soundly asleep within minutes!

Supports sleep*

With Gold, you wake up rested* because of the ingredient lemon balm. 

Helps keep joints supple*

Thanks to turmeric extract: curcumin, which is good for joint function*.

Relaxes your body and mind*

Lemon balm supports sleep*. Extracted from 100% natural lemon balm, Gold has a beneficial effect on sleep function*.

Good for digestion*

Both cinnamon and lemon balm support the maintenance of a healthy digestion*. 

Supports the immune system*

The power of ginger has a positive impact on the immune system*.


Nutrifoodz Gold contains no animal products, only sustainable ingredients for minimal impact on our climate.

  • Relaxing* after a stressful day thanks to lemon balm
  • Lemon balm helps you sleep well*
  • Ginger supports the immune system*
  • Cinnamon and lemon balm are good for digestion*
  • Ginger supports energy levels*
*Health claim awaiting approval by the European Commission. We recommend taking this as an addition to your diet and not as a meal replacement.
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