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Nutrifoodz® RED JUICE

Nutrifoodz® RED JUICE

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Support your metabolism* with Guarana by taking just a few sips of Red Juice!

Ginseng helps you stay fresh and alert* and supports the immune system*, all in one delicious superfood punch!

THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY! We took the time to gather the 11 very best natural superfoods, including Ginseng, Guarana and Blueberries! 

Stay fresh and alert* thanks to Ginseng

Our recipe contains Ginseng which contributes to maintaining your normal concentration*. 

Ginseng supports the immune system*

The power of ginseng has a positive impact on the immune system*.

Guarana contributes to normal energy metabolism*

The seeds of Guarana in Red Juice contribute to normal energy-producing metabolism*. 

Save time

Preparation takes just 10 seconds. Drop a scoop into a glass of water, stir and take a sip. It's that simple!  

  • Helps to stay fresh and alert because of ginseng
  • Guarana supports the metabolism
  • Ginseng helps maintain the immune system
*Health claim awaiting approval by the European Commission. We recommend taking this as an addition to your diet and not as a meal replacement.
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