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Nutrifoodz® PROBIOTICA

Nutrifoodz® PROBIOTICA

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Probiotics are living bacteria that occur naturally in the intestines. In Greek and Latin, 'pro biotic' literally means 'for life'.

The gut flora is actually an ecosystem in itself that consists of both good and bad bacteria. In addition, the gut flora also contains yeasts and fungi. To keep this balance healthy, the good bacteria must continue to have the upper hand.

Probiotic supplements contain bacterial strains. A bacterial strain consists of a series of bacteria that have a particular function. Each strain is also differentiated by gender and species.

We included 7 unique strains of probiotics in our formula because we knew this would help our customers reduce their digestive problems and enjoy renewed health again in just a few days, not weeks.

Improve the microbial balance in your gut

  • Supports your immune system
  • Balances the gut flora
  • A mix of 7 unique probiotic strains
  • 4.5 billion probiotics in 1 vegan capsule
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