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Nutrifoodz® GREENS DETOX

Nutrifoodz® GREENS DETOX

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Curcuma contributes to normal digestion*, Spirulina helps maintain weight* and Ginger supports energy levels...all of this is packed along with other superfoods in one daily superfood shake!

Greens Detox guarantees you your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, with no shopping, no blender and no washing up!

Greens Detox contains ginger, and this activates your natural energy in your body*, Ginger also supports the immune system*.

Cleansing the body

Every day, you are exposed to toxins through the air, water, food - and even the products you consume. In our formula, Curcuma supports the cleansing power of the liver*.

Good for digestion

Curcuma in Greens Detox is good for normal digestion and bowel function*

Supports energy levels*

Due to spirulina and ginger in Greens Detox, natural energy in the body is activated*.

Helps to maintain weight*

The ingredient spirulina reduces your feeling of hunger, making it easier to stay on your body weight*.

Supports your immune system*

The power of ginger has a positive impact on the immune system*.

Save time.

Greens Detox guarantees you your daily intake of fruit and vegetables, without shopping, a blender or washing up!

*Health claim awaiting approval by the European Commission.

Your daily intake of fruits and vegetables!

  • 21 Superfoods*
  • Ginger boosts energy levels*
  • Curcuma supports cleanse the liver*
  • Spirulina helps maintain weight*
  • Ginger supports the immune system*
  • Curcuma is good for normal bowel function*
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