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Introducing Raise Revival

Raise Revival is more than just a brand; it’s a “LIJFSTIJL.” Which is Dutch for “body and style.”

Raise Revival offers all the goodness of sports, nutrition, fashion and travel. We can train you, either to get you in shape, prepare you for a fight or a vacation, or all of the above.

So let’s say you want to travel and go on adventures, with us or by yourself.

We can help prepare you for your trip, train you so you have a solid base for your trainings during your travels, send you off with a travel bag, with the necessary supplements, vitamins and minerals, and some dope outfits and sports gear to look fly when you fly. And we handpicked the best of the best partners to back us up!

Trust the process. Train hard, play hard, and laugh hard, too!

We don’t just think outside the box; we think outside the gym, the kitchen, the fitting room, and even outside the country!

If you ask us about the shape of a ring, we’ll tell you our ring has four corners, and we’ll proudly tell you it’s square! So, whether you’re into combat sports, fashion, mindfulness, travel, or just living your best life, Raise Revival has got you covered.

We are a tribe of like-minded individuals who experience the ultimate in healthy living and good times.

Join us at Raise Revival and become part of the tribe that knows how to work, play, and laugh!

Meet Our Head Coach/Owner

Reagan de Blok

I’ve been kickboxing and fitness for over 20 years, but I never imagined it would be the career path I chose as I’ve always been in the fashion industry. On top of personal training, bootcamps, and combat retreats abroad, I also own a fashion agency.

I’m a certified coach who teaches at the finest and most premium gyms in the Benelux up to this day. But that’s not all, I also offer nutrition and supplements to help you fuel your body and feel your best.
Life is like a gym session— each set to failure brings you closer to success.

It’s all about adapting to change and trusting the process. Don’t believe in faking it till you make it. That’s just lying to yourself and others. Instead, I’ll teach you the real-deal techniques and skills you need to dominate in and outside the ring. And if you fail, don’t sweat it.
Failure is just another step toward success.

So don’t be afraid to fail it till you nail it. Just make sure never to fail to try and to keep trying.

So if you’re looking to whoop some glutes, eat fresh, look fresh, stay fly, and live your best life while giving back to the universe, then I’m your guy, and I’m here to make sure you’re the best version of yourself and to keep pushing forward and surround yourself with badass, fun and cool people. And that’s what Raise Revival is all about.