Antwerpen-Zuid, Belgium


These kickboxing group fitness classes offer a range of basic to advanced techniques and combinations, equipping you with the skills to execute attacks, defend, and counter for some serious ass-kicking form.

GI Jane

Join our GI Jane group fitness classes that blend Krav Maga-style techniques with Kickboxing, and Muay Thai, exclusively designed for women.
This group workout is perfect for women of all fitness levels and backgrounds who want to learn how to defend themselves while improving their physical and mental strength. Our expert instructors will guide you through various techniques and scenarios, giving you the tools and confidence to protect yourself in any situation.

Crunches & Punches

Combine core training with shadow boxing to provide a challenging full-body workout. This class will help you strengthen and tone your muscles while improving cardiovascular endurance. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each exercise, ensuring you use the proper form and technique for maximum results.


Join our ABS class, focusing solely on bodyweight exercises for a challenging workout that targets your core muscles.
This class is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their core strength and stability while toning their abs and sculpting their body. Using only your body weight as resistance, you can challenge yourself at your own pace and level, reducing the risk of injury from heavy weights or machines.
And because this class is taken in small groups, you’ll get the attention and motivation you need to push yourself to your limits and achieve your fitness goals.

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